Starting May 30th the Free Gmail eMail (along with other of the free email providers) will no longer be supporting 3rd Party Application Access.  Atlantis & Avalon users must switch to more secure outgoing email service providers.  We recommend using your domain name email accounts (POP3) which will provide more security with a service provider offering better security. A few providers offering more security through paid email accounts include / GoDaddy / - and many others.

KennelSoft Software Systems are operating in thousands of pet care facilities throughout the world! 

We are by far the most detail oriented and comprehensive of all the boarding, grooming, daycare and retail management solutions today.  Providing a large range of detailed data and projection reports to effectively help make your day-to-day important facility and business decisions! 

KennelSoft the Pet Care Standard and a Solid Anchor!

The Pet Care Industry has a VERY long history of software vendors who have "come and gone" through the years. KennelSoft is a "ROCK SOLID" company which most every "new kid on the block" has tried to emulate with little success. 

KennelSoft has through the ever evolving history of the pet industry provided their clients with complete dependability and quick access to technical support when needed. We offer a proven track record of premium service and a longevity that will still be there when you need it!

24/7 Full Service & Support – Our #1 Priority!

In our high-tech and fast moving world today our old-fashioned approach to customer service and relationships makes all the difference for you!

When calling KennelSoft a live person will actually answers the telephone - not a computer!  We promptly address your technical support needs and answer any questions.  It's really just that simple for our support team provides by far the best technical support services.  

Have you ever developed problems after-hours, weekends or on a busy holiday?   Our support team is available to assist you with personal 24/7  emergency support.  

We will gladly provide references for anyone who may wish regarding the quality of our support and technical services.

Single or Multiple Locations?  

KennelSoft programs allow your single location or multiple locations to share data across the Internet using a VPN / Windows Remote Desktop connection.  

You can log-in to work remotely on your facility computers. Unlimited number of remote locations can be handled. 

KennelSoft programs allow all of your locations to share data across the Internet whether you are using a MAC or a PC.

We Are An Ongoing Work in Progress!

And, frankly we will never be a finished product for our programmers are continually working to update, improve and restructure to include the newest and innovative features in keeping with current pet care service trends.

We have listened and paid close attention when you have asked and we value the suggestions and wishes of our clients.  We always give full consideration to your input about new features for upcoming updates! 

The Atlantis program runs daily in our own pet care facility which means we always have full-time beta testers on duty - so no unpleasant surprises for you!  

Easy and Logical to Operate!

Feel free to tour our site, download our Demo then -  Phone Us to set up a time convenient to take a personal and private "walk through" covering the full extensive features and processes the KennelSoft programs contain.

KennelSoft programs are designed with all types of facilities in mind. The purpose of phone and remote training is always to get you up and running, and comfortable with handling the software in your business. 

A complete manual is included with all programs.  You also have the option for remote training sessions. 

Atlantis LOYALTY Rewards Program ...

KennelSoft’s Reward Program is a fully integrated system for creating, calculating, presenting, and redeeming award points for services and/or merchandise. As with any business that has a rewards program, it’s purpose is to create and maintain customer loyalty and allegiance. How effective a program is, is based upon it being effortless (fully automatic) for the customer and that it provides instant gratification. When checking out a pet that had acquired points from previous visits, the program will check if that point balance is equal to or greater than the number of points needed to qualify for rewards on the current bill. If it is, an on screen message appears showing the number of points available, the rewards options, and the number of points needed for each option. The customer (or your staff) selects the reward(s) they want and then proceeds with the check out. Feature operates similar to your points earned at Best Buy.  Great feature to reward those loyal returning clients. User defined - you set your own reward levels.  For More Info...



KennelSoft demos are fully working versions of our software program so you can actually "Test Drive" the program for yourself. Our demos are loaded with full data so you have clients and records to work with. We can also schedule live demo time on your computer - at your convenience give us a call.



One-of-Kind Software Program created just for the KennelSoft Atlantis Program

Atlantis Web Reservation System

Only at KennelSoft Will You Find The AWR On-line Web Reservation System branded to your business for Up-Selling lodging packages, daycare, training and additional services 24/7 directly through your website!

Atlantis Web Reservation System (AWR) is our advanced state-of-the-art programming add-on for web reservations which imports your online web reservations directly into your Atlantis program.  A single client can make reservations for up to five (5) of their pets (cats or dogs) all on the same record screen plus adding individual activities and packages to each of those pets on the reservation request.

AWR Saves hundreds of hours of employee time typing reservations into your software database.

AWR Has a the capability to UP-SELL your boarding packages, daycare packages, and fun activities such as nature walks, playtime etc.  easily using html with graphics of your activities or packages that you provide.

Give Us A Call - We'll be happy to give you a  Test Drive of our AWR System


Hacker Safe! Unlike Most Web-based Programs which are prone to frequent up-down and internet outages KennelSoft programs keep right on working during those down time outages!   Is your critical financial and client base data safe from hackers! Likely NOT for those subscribed to web-based programs claiming they have sufficient encryption to protect stored client credit card information.

Not even the United States Government, Google or Amazon are completely safe from hackers (and just ask Hillary Clinton about secure servers). There are no guarantees of any online protection from the reach of hackers but for the security and protection of your clients KennelSoft Programs do NOT store any credit card or critical client information online or in their databases as tokens are used for for your protection.  You owe it to your clients to protect their personal information from hackers.

Not Quite Ready Yet?  See our "Ready When You Are Features"

Idexx (PetDetect) Collar & Label Printing Ready (no module pricing)
No fee for the collar/label capability - it's built-in to our software.  KennelSoft wrote the original Pet Detect collar & label printer codes for the Pet Detect company. KennelSoft will connect to your collar/label printer printing neckband collars for the pet and also for the items brought in with the pet. (Printers and label tape are sold through Idexx/Pet Detect).

Cost Effective/Cost Saving Credit Card Processing Ready (no module pricing)
Processing software is already build-in to our software programs so it is ready when you are.  No worry if you are currently contacted elsewhere for a processor, your KennelSoft program is set to hook-up when you're ready. Accepts Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (you decide which).  Provides for direct immediate processing with the sale data inputted automatically into your KennelSoft charge record files.  SSL Secured with NO credit card numbers ever stored in your system.  Call about our discount processing credit card processing rates for our processing company will match or beat any current processing fees you are currently paying. (optional purchase - credit card swipe pad).

Cash Drawers, Bar Code Scanners,  Retail Wands & Retail Printers Ready (no module pricing) the software to operate these add-ons are already installed in the KennelSoft programs (you only need to order the equipment and hook it up to your KennelSoft program).


Kennelsoft Vendors, Partners & Affiliates

 Walter Morris & Joanne Morris




KennelSoft Consulting Partners


KennelSoft Association Memberships


KennelSoft's Kennel & Grooming Management Programs Out Perform ALL Pet Industry Boarding Software!

KennelSoft Supports
IDEXX/PetDetect (collar & label printers)  
Bar Code Scanners & Wands, Electronic Cash Drawers Retail Printers User defined html email confirmations  Text Messaging and more.

KennelSoft Exports: QuickBook, Excel, Lotus

Supported  Operating Systems:
Windows 10 &11 
Windows 8/8.01 W/Pro 64/32
Windows 7 W/Pro 64/32

All Microsoft Windows Servers
2000-2012 (except Small Business Server) 

Will still operation on the old Vista W/Pro 64/32 & XP Pro (Service Pak 3) as a workstation if you still have any of these machines still operating.

YES - KennelSoft Runs on your MAC Using Microsoft Windows (Win 7, 8/8.1, 10 & 11) on MAC's using Mac OS X W/Parallels Mac OS X W/Boot Camp VMWare Fusion - Mac Os X (Yosmite & El Capitan) VMWare Fusion 4.x- Mac (Leopard & Snow Leopard)

Remote Access (Win & Mac)
Terminal Services or VNC, Virtual PC for Mac OS X Remote (for Yosmite & El Capitan) Remote Desktop Client for Mac OS X



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